Rhody and the Dapper Dwarves: Part 3

The time has come for part 3! I hope you have all been enjoying Rhody’s transmogs as much as I have.

I present to you Thura, noble Dwarf Paladin.


There is a great attention to detail and story built into this transmog. Rhody also started posing a lot more by this point and it was a lot of fun for me to capture the different moments.

Item List:

Head: Savage Gladiator’s Ornamented Headcover
Shoulders: Savage Gladiator’s Ornamented Spaulders
Back: (not shown)
Chest: Savage Gladiator’s Ornamented Chestguard
Tabard: Argent Crusader’s Tabard
Hands: Savage Gladiator’s Ornamented Gloves
Waist: Belt of the Ringworm
Legs: Savage Gladiator’s Ornamented Legplates
Feet: Boots of Kingly Upheaval
Main Hand: Steelforged Hammer
Off Hand: Ironmender

Thura.12This is such a regal yet practical look, and screams Dwarven, as well as Crusader Paladin. That hammer is a great touch.



Remember what I had said about Rhody also matching transmogs to mounts really well? Check this out.



Lots of images I know, but this mog deserves it, and the photo shoot was too much fun!


Dwarve’s best friend.


Now, last but not least comes Rhody, a cheecky lovable Gnome (but do not say that to her face, she may throw some daggers at you).


Item List:

Head: Adventurer’s Bandana
Shoulders: Shoulderpads of Assassination
Back: (not shown)
Chest: Vest of Discovery
Hands: Savage Gladiator’s Leather Gloves
Waist: Titan-Forged Belt of Triumph
Legs: Cinderweb Leggings
Feet: Boots of the Neverending Path
Weapons: Steelforged Dagger x2

This mix and match of items, marry surprisingly well together, and give Rhody a very practical, comfortable, no nonsense look.


I dare say she would not care much what we think either way…


*Stand very still, I will throw these daggers right past your ears, so you can hear the whistle*. Ehm, no you are ok thanks Rhody!


Thanks again to Rhody for showing me all of these transmogs, and allowing me to show them off to others who may be interested. I look forward to seeing more!

Norbeaster Rudys and the Icy Plate Vengeance

Today I have the pleasure of presenting my Husband IRL, and companion through our adventures in Azeroth. He has put together a fiercely glacial looking outfit made from his current raid armour plus some transmog, and I just had to show it off.


I want to point out now, so that you can see it in the subsequent screenshots, that his shoulderplates have moving parts. Those clawlike pieces that are hanging over the blue glowing circle move into this position, and then back over his shoulders.  You will see them in the different positions in the various images, but sadly I do not yet know how to create gifs for you to see the movement in reality. I really should get on teaching myself that.

The item list is as follows.

Head: Casque of the Iron Bomber (current armour Heroic Highmaul).
Shoulders: Uncrushable SHoulderplates (He has the Mythic version, brought to him by his followers from a raid mission).
Back: Gray Hair Cloak
Chest: Reinforced Sapphirium Chestguard
Hands: Reinforced Sapphirium Gauntlets
Waist: Corehammer’s Riveted Girdle
Legs: Reinforced Sapphirium Legplates
Feet: Boots of Healing Energies
Weapon: Gar’tash, Hammer of the Breakers (Heroic Highmaul version)

rudys.2 rudys.3

I wanted to show you this side view twice, with the shoulderplates in the two different positions.



This cloak works well with this outfit as it breaks up the blue, and brings out the small amounts of yellow/gold in some of the other pieces of armour. The fact that Rudys is a Tauren covers up the top part of the cloak which has some more decoration on it, but this helps to keep the look of the outfit more simple and easy to look at.

I would like to think that maybe I rubbed off a little on him to have him create this transmog, but he really did it all himself. I did tell him about the addon Mogit! and showed him how that works, so maybe I did play a small role in this one after all…. just say yes…./nod.


He is thoroughly impressed with himself as you can see. teehee


That flexing duckface though…. cute! Tauren’s can just be so lovable. 😉


And here he is waving goodbye to you all!  I hope you enjoyed seeing his look as much as I did!

As a little aside on the end here, who else is as excited as I am about the new S.E.L.F.I.E camera that will be in WoW for patch 6.1?  http://wow.joystiq.com/2015/01/25/patch-6-1-finally-you-can-take-a-s-e-l-f-i-e/

This will make for some fun images in blog posts to come!